Web Services / ebXML Technical Solution Overview

What is a Web Service?

Self contained module that:

  • allows a business entity to “interact” with one or more external entities over the internet (ie. using web technologies).
  • allows a business unit to “interact” with one or more internal entities within an intranet.
What is ebXML?

Electronic Business Using eXtensible Markup Language A specification for Business to Business Collaboration that covers trading partner agreements, messaging, service discovery and invocation, and business process specification

  • Provides reliable and secure messaging (transmission of information) between two or more business entities;
  • Automates ad hoc business collaborations (transactions);
  • Is the only comprehensive open standard specification for Web Services that includes support for reliable and secure B2B Collaboration.
  • Has been adopted and used in the Health Care, Automotive, Government and other sectors.
Why Web Services / ebXML?

  • Solution is easily adopted / integrated into almost any business entity (non-proprietary);
  • Adds security (message level encryption in addition to standard transport level encryption);
  • Adds reliable messaging to ensure guaranteed delivery of information.
  • Solution is based on an Open Standard, is Platform Independent and Scalable;
  • Offered by a number of Product Vendors (Drummond Compatibility Cross Certification);
  • Does not require a great deal of custom code (mainly related to the specific Business Event Drivers);
  • Cost Effective Solution (versus writing and maintaining custom applications for each specific Event, or installing an expensive proprietary solution).
Why QTECH Hybrid Systems Inc.?

  • Developed Technical Expertise in this area (ahead of the pack);
  • Successfully completed first ebXML Pilot Project for the Canadian Federal Government;
  • Our team was invited to present Workshop/Demo on the solution at the Sybase TechWave Conference (Aug/03), Gartner Symposium on Web Services and Application Integration (Nov/03) and XML 2003 Conference (Dec/03) and were nominated for 2003 Computerworld Honors award for Technical Innovation.
Summary (Web Services / ebXML):

  • Addresses the scenario whereby Event Driven Information Exchange needs to occur between 2 or more Trading Partners in a reliable, secure, encrypted environment;
  • Allows for real time, synchronous and/or asynchronous interaction.