QTECH has, since 1989, provided custom IT solutions and IT professional consulting services to a broad range of government and private sector clients. The company, its employees and consultants are Architects, Business Analysts, Functional Analysts, and Senior Developers with expertise in all aspects of enterprise-scale application development, web development and complex systems integration.

Our approach starts first and foremost with the business problem. This allows us to develop a clear understanding of the business case and identify the key elements that can be addressed via a technology solution.

The consulting team at QTECH is comprised of highly skilled professionals with extensive industry experience. Our capabilities enable us to confidently take responsibility and manage an entire IT project or to supplement the expertise in an existing project team. We have the experience and will to guide system development projects through to successful conclusion, avoiding common (and some not-so-common) pitfalls.

QTECH has created application development frameworks and a set of pre-built application modules that it uses to rapidly assemble custom applications. These application modules, in conjunction with QTECH’s depth of experience allows it to assemble custom applications extremely quickly, enabling a truly agile iterative process that quickly results in a custom-fit solution to the requirement.

In addition to our internal resources, we have extensive industry partnerships. We are able to combine our technology expertise and our pre-developed solutions with the assets of our partners to fulfil virtually any IT solution development requirement.

We offer our clients the benefits of proven expertise through a close working relationship between the client project team and our consulting team. QTECH Hybrid Systems Inc. strives to exceed the expectations of every client – we guarantee the highest possible quality and believe in our core business principles.

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