Application Modernization ...

In assisting its clients with their IT application needs, we have noticed that many of our clients are facing the need to add new capabilities to their aging applications. Many of these clients are challenged in their ability to maintain, let alone enhance those applications due to the scarcity of skilled legacy resources and vendor support for the now-obsolete development environments.

This realization has driven us to search out external competencies to overcome such obstacles in order to better assist our clients to meet their ever evolving IT needs.  We have partnered with leading vendors for certain solutions that allow the client flexibility in choosing either either .Net or Java for the architecture of the modernized solution, and to design a target architecture that best meets their current and future requirements.

Here’s why we have chosen our modernization Partner:

  • Reduced risk, cost and time to deliver
  • Support for industry standard and client architectures
  • Architectural re-engineering to n-Tier
  • Ability to comply with a customer’s specific code, architecture and framework standards
  • Natural Java/.NET code for easy maintenance
  • Leading software modernization tools
  • Expertise in source code mining
  • Over 100 successful legacy C/S modernizations (100+ million lines of code)

Our partners' modernization solution works hand in hand with our traditional requirements analysis, technical architecture, development and integration services to overcome the challenges presented by legacy applications to find the most efficient, least risky and cheapest path to satisfying the business and IT needs of our clients.

Custom Development & Integration Services ...

QTECH's primary services are centred around the delivery of IT solutions to business problems.

Our Senior Business Analysts have the skill and in depth experience to analyze and understand the business problem, define business-, user-, and functional- requirements, quickly define the form of the possible solutions and advise as to the advantages and disadvantages of each option.

Our Senior Solution Architects and Application Designers have in depth work experience with current technologies to create modern applications and application infrastructures to deliver the required functionality, create durable IT assets, leverage off the shelf, open source and other reusable components, and enable the required business agility while enhancing the security of our client's information and IT assets.

Our senior software developers, have the know how to create high-quality, reusable application components, and our testers create and execute test plans that prove the applications indeed meet the requirements and conform to the design.